My 10 x 10 Challenge

If you've been following my Hems + Heard journey, you know I luuuuurve a good (and/or cheap) pair of boots, buying what's on-trend at Target, and all around shopping everywhere there is to shop. Another thing you may learn (...or already know) is that I tend to keep clothes way past their normal lifespans. Like being 26 and having to answer: "Thanksss I got this in high school."

Because of inspo from Mary Violet Woosley at House of O'Hara, I'm taking on this fall's #10x10challenge to be creative with the wardrobe pieces I already own. Being both a fast-fashioner and slow-fashioner (i.e. having eyes for both Zara and consignment shops), I imagine this will be unique.

I think there's something to keeping and reusing your clothes and reinventing them to keep them fresh. That is, after all, why vintage clothing always looks fantastic even though it isn't exactly mirroring the current year's (or decades) trend vibes. I've seen some challenges that involve whittling your wardrobe down and only wearing certain things. I think that's a great method and useful, but I tend to enjoy trying to utilize my entire wardrobe, regardless of season or type. Cluttered??? Maybe. I respect and even go as far as to envy those who evoke minimalism, but that ain't ya girl and I'm embracing it. Bring on da color and da 12923 pairs of shoes.

All that to be said, I feel like I should throw out that I do enjoy curating my closet...while I do have several items from the past, I do not have all of the items from the past. Just the good ones that have (both intentionally and surprisingly) made it through the numerous closet purges over the past decade or so. Anyways, back to the challenge. I have outlined my own similarly to how the creator of the challenge set it up on her blog:

My 10 x 10 Goals

My initial connection to the challenge was the "fasting from shopping" aspect. For the past few years, I have been "fasting" from buying clothes at the beginning of each year. There wasn't necessarily something about it being at the beginning of the year (Because New Years Resolutions rarely stick), but it was just a solid, annual starting point for me. I think that could also be found at the beginning of a season as well. My first year was January to March, the next year January to May, my reasoning behind these fasts was first to save money, second to utilize my clothes and have a concrete reason to utilize what I already owned, and third to wear the clothes I had been wondering if it was time to get rid of and see if it was the time to do so. And the shopping break itself gave me a concrete, disciplined way of doing these things.

Which brings me to my second connection to the challenge. My senior year of college at Mississippi State University, I was student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom in Starkville, Mississippi. I had a wonderful student teaching experience but in effort to show up for a 7am - 5pm commitment my last semester of college, I needed to make it fun for myself. I challenged myself to not repeat the same outfit even once during my semester at school. I re-wore the same things a lot, just never the exact same way. It was a success, and it put a little creativity into the long days. If you are so inclined, here are some epically tragic photos from that semester. I didn't take a photo every day (now I wish I had), but somehow these gems have survived the iphone changes and computer crashes:

My goal is to evoke a similar situation to my student teaching experience and my beginning of the year shopping fasts at a more rapid pace: utilize what I already own, realize the clothes I already own, and enjoy getting creative without having to sift through the rest of my items every day. My goal is to challenge you to be inspired to take the 10 x 10 challenge within your own wardrobe.

My 10 x 10 Challenge Schedule

The 10 x 10 can be done strictly, or modified based on your life circumstances or schedule. To read more about the 10 x 10 challenge and it's guidelines, click here. For the next 10 days I will be modifying and my 10 x 10 will be primarily during my leisure time/weekends and as best I can during my M-F days. The weather is crazy here this week, so if any weather induced changes have to be made, I will be doing those as well.

My 10 Items

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of taupe pants
  • 1 gray sweater
  • 1 silver camisole
  • 1 brown cardigan
  • 2 pairs of boots, brown + gray
  • 1 ivory blouse
  • 1 gray tshirt
  • 1 black leather jacket

I will be sharing my items in further depth as the 10 days go along. I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me (...I literally sound like a Bachelor contestant). I hope it provides some perspective and inspo as to how you can recreate and utilize pieces within the wardrobe you already have, whether for the sake of budgeting, the environment - whatever your reasoning or conviction.

To read more about the 10 x 10 challenge, click here.

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