The Winter 10 x 10 Challenge

Alright, I have to admit...this round of the 10 x 10 Challenge was a little dicey. Between crazy weather, a few life events, and some unexpected effort to be fully transparent, it wasn't my finest 10 x0 10. BUT, for those interested, I'm still sharing my details below. The 10 x 10 can be done strictly, or modified based on your life circumstances or schedule (VERY much so this time around for me). To read more about the 10 x 10 challenge and it's guidelines, click here.


  • 1 pair of black skinny pants (Linked below)
  • 1 pair of red pants (Old)
  • 1 tan suede blazer (Linked below)
  • 1 black sweater (Old)
  • 1 black short sleeve shirt (Old)
  • 1 black & white cardigan (Old)
  • 2 pairs of boots, tan + gray (Linked below)
  • 1 color blocked poncho (Tj Maxx - Check in stores)
  • 1 gray t shirt (Old)

I hope you enjoyed coming on this journey with me. I hope it provides some perspective and inspo as to how you can recreate and utilize pieces within the wardrobe you already have, whether for the sake of budgeting, the environment - whatever your reasoning or conviction.

To read more about the 10 x 10 challenge, click here.

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