5 Days of Gift Guides: DAY 2 // Gifts That Give Back

{If you’ve tuned in on the 5 Days of Gift Guides thus far, feel free to skip the next intro. I’m including it on each day for those of you who might be coming in at different times!}

I love gifting - I just do! My mom has always been a great gift giver, and I know this has a lot to do with my love for gifting. With this Christmas season quickly approaching, I wanted to provide some insight and inspo into gifting for all of you. I wanted to go beyond just suggestions, so check out my product descriptions below. Each of these has been carefully selected with reason and purpose.

I’ve tailored these Gift Guides based on your requests (I did a poll on Instagram a few weeks back), so when y’all see the categories, know I listened to y’all’s feedback and created these just for you! Each item in the photos below is linked below for shopping - I hope you use these and love them!

Gifting can be stressful, so my hope is that these help give you vision for your 2018 holiday gifting. I’ll be releasing 1 a day for the next few days, so let’s get started on Day 2!

Day 2: Gifts That Give Back

Gifts That Give Back Gift Guide.png
  1. Live FashionABLE Triangle Coin Pouch // $12.00. If you haven’t shopped with the ABLE company yet, you need to check it out. ABLE is a Nashville based lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women. Their leather bags + goods are absolutely beautiful, and they have clothing, jewelry, and shoes as well! These little coin purses caught my eye as a cute stoking stuffer or to give in addition to a larger gift, like some headphones, gift card, or cash!

  2. Noonday Collection Birds of a Feather Earrings // $34.00. I have been staring at these cuties for some time now, so I thought why not include them on here for y’all! Noonday Collection supports local Artisans in vulnerable communities across the globe in an effort to promote sustainability for those communities. I have several friends who are Ambassadors for Noonday, and all of their jewelry, bags, and accessories will make you do a double-take! I could choose a handful to put on here, but I went with these cute gold-dipped feathered ones.

  3. The Sparrow Studio Leather Sequin Hoops // $32.00. The Sparrow Studio’s mission is to define women’s futures with hope that have been through unexplainable trauma in African countries. They believe people are valuable because they are image-bearers of God. Annie and her team are extra close to my heart. I love their mission, and they are some of the first to reach out to me in my blogging journey. They have tons of products I love, but these cute leather hoops really caught my eye. I own several products they currently sell, so please let me know if you’d like more recommendations.

  4. The Giving Keys Matte Black Key Necklace // $42.00. I have loved The Giving Keys’ mission for some time now. By purchasing a key, you are creating employment opportunities for people transitioning out of homelessness. Their mission is to end homelessness and Caitlin Crosby Benward and her team are seriously inspiring (she is also absolutely fabulous - check her and the business’s site out on Instagram). Each key has a different message on it. I’ve been giving different keys as gifts for several years, and their hope is that when you find someone who may need the word on your key more than you, you pass it off to them. I love this company so much!

  5. Noonday Collection Modern Leather Tote // $198.00. Similar to the Birds of a Feather Earrings, I’ve been eyeing this tote for SOME time, y’all. See my description under those earrings for why I love Noonday and their beautiful items. This bag though. Heart eyes. It’s so gorgeous, and I love the structure it has.

  6. RuMe Reusable Macro Tote // $11.95. Okay, the “gifts that give back’ gets a little loose on this one, but I’m so obsessed with RuMe (and have been for like…5 years) that I am bending the rules on this one. While these do not give back to a specific group of people or organization, reusable totes give back to the environment and support environmentally safe practices without sacrificing style. Snag one of these and fill it with little happies, or stick it in a stocking. I have two of their Macro Totes - they hold SO MUCH. Whether it’s for your grocery shopping or market tote, or even a weekender bag, I LUH THEM. I have also been using their Baggie All ($11.95 regularly - $6.00 on Sale right now) for so many years, I have no recollection of what I used before it #thatswhenyouknow. Such a great product! They are supporting a growing eco-friendly world with their bags, and I hope y’all check them out!

  7. The Sparrow Studio Guest Soap Minis // $5.00. I think these make the cutest little happy or hostess gifts; they are tiny and adorable. Check out my description under The Sparrow Studio leather earrings above for why I love their mission, beautiful items, and really just feel passionate about this company. But seriously, check out these tiny, adorable soaps.

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    What are some gifts you enjoy that give back? I would love to hear y’all’s feedback.

    I will see you back here tomorrow for Day 3 of the 5 Days of Gift Guides!