5 Days of Gift Guides: DAY 4 // Hostess Gifts + Stocking Stuffers

{If you’ve tuned in on the 5 Days of Gift Guides thus far, feel free to skip the next intro. I’m including it on each day for those of you who might be coming in at different times!}

I love gifting - I just do! My mom has always been a great gift giver, and I know this has a lot to do with my love for gifting. With this Christmas season quickly approaching, I wanted to provide some insight and inspo into gifting for all of you. I wanted to go beyond just suggestions, so check out my product descriptions below. Each of these has been carefully selected with reason and purpose.

I’ve tailored these Gift Guides based on your requests (I did a poll on Instagram a few weeks back), so when y’all see the categories, know I listened to y’all’s feedback and created these just for you! Each item in the photos below is linked below for shopping - I hope you use these and love them!

Gifting can be stressful, so my hope is that these help give you vision for your 2018 holiday gifting. I’m releasing 1 a day, so let’s get started on Day 4! For this Guide, I’ve combined ideas for you for both Hostess gifts as well as Stocking Stuffer ideas.

  1. Gold Agate Slice 3 Piece Cheese Knife Set // $16.99. I love a cute cheese knife set, and this 3 piece set from World Market is a great value. We have these copper ones from Crate & Barrel that are $7.95 each and have loved them. If you want to go a step further, grab them a cute wood or slate serving board, or yummy cheese! For gifts of this nature, I like to just tie a bow around it as is, rather than a complete gift wrap situation.

  2. Capri Blue Volcano Hand Soap & Lotion Caddy // $38.00. Ohhh my love for Aspen Bay Candles. Always my #1. Thanks to retailers like Anthropologie, these have become a household name, but they hold a special place in my heart because they are hand-poured in my college town, Starkville, Mississippi. I love this hand soap/lotion duo as a great alternative to a candle, but if you’re wanting to go the candle route: The Volcano scent is my go-to, but this Cinnamon scent is festive for the season.

  3. Whiskey In A Teacup Coffee Table Book // $35.00. Reese is my girl, so I have to include this on here. If you saw my Gift Guide from Day 1: For Your Guy, then you probably saw my schpeel on coffee table books, but in case you didn’t, here it is: I am big on coffee table books. I love them! But ONLY if they are relative. Think about a topic that interests your gift-ee, and do some searching, or message me, and I’ll do the searching for you! Books are a great, affordable gift that can also serve as home decor. But remember: make it relative. Ain’t nobody got time or room in their home for random coffee table books. The retail on this book in $35.00, but the link above will take you to Amazon where it’s $21.20!

  4. George & Viv Gifting Bar Soap // $10.00. I love the little soaps. They are adorably wrapped and have fun scents, like Bar Cart (Prosecco), Car & Presents (Peppermint Stick), or Gingerbread Man (Spice Cake). If you saw my Gift Guide from Day 2: Gifts That Give Back, then you also saw the adorable guest mini soaps by The Sparrow Studio. They are a fantastic price and support a great organization.

  5. Kikkerland Cactus Buddy Dryer Balls // $8.99. I have a cactus problem, and these little cuties are quite random for this guide, but I had to include them. Toss these in a stocking or take to a white elephant party! I think they are adorable. And that is all.

  6. Madewell Front Door Key Fob // $19.50. I have had this key fob for awhile and love it. It’s also a top rated product on Madewell’s site. This is a great little ‘happy.’ Join the Madewell Insiders (Free to join!) and receive Free Monogramming on any order - throw in your gift-ee’s initials for a real crowd pleaser.

  7. Mark & Graham Monogrammed Acrylic Tray // $69.00. First, I love all of Mark & Graham’s products. They are all so cutesy and perfect for gifts. Second, we received a monogrammed acrylic tray for our wedding, and it’s been one of our favorite things in our house. Plus: Free Monogramming AND Gift Wrap! Boom. Need I say more?

  8. Gold & Copper Coffee Scoops // $7.98. Clip one of these to a bag of coffee from a local shop, and boom! Ready to go gift. This one from Amazon ($4.50) is great as well. Easy and so cute! (And…wait for it…the theme of these guides…FUNCTIONAL!)

  9. Doodling For Cat People Activity Book // $16.95. I had to throw a goofy gift in here, because fun little things like this do great in a stocking or at a white elephant (or if you’re from the South, a dirty santa) party. I also love these cute Days of the Week Scrunchie Set ($12.00). Fun and lighthearted.

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I will see you back here tomorrow for the Final Day of the 5 Days of Gift Guides!