5 Days of Gift Guides: DAY 5 // Affordable Gifts for Her

{If you’ve tuned in on the 5 Days of Gift Guides thus far, feel free to skip the next intro. I’m including it on each day for those of you who might be coming in at different times!}

I love gifting - I just do! My mom has always been a great gift giver, and I know this has a lot to do with my love for gifting. With this Christmas season quickly approaching, I wanted to provide some insight and inspo into gifting for all of you. I wanted to go beyond just suggestions, so check out my product descriptions below. Each of these has been carefully selected with reason and purpose.

I’ve tailored these Gift Guides based on your requests (I did a poll on Instagram a few weeks back), so when y’all see the categories, know I listened to y’all’s feedback and created these just for you! Each item in the photos below is linked below for shopping - I hope you use these and love them!

Gifting can be stressful, so my hope is that these help give you vision for your 2018 holiday gifting. I’ve been releasing them one at a time, and we’ve reached the end! So, let’s get started on Day 5! For this Guide, I’ve gathered 9 fun options for Affordable Gifts for Her.

  1. Letterfolk Board // $70.00. I’m sure you’ve seen boards like this around everywhere now, but this is what I consider to be the best. It is such high quality, and this crew was around far before the knock-offs. Plus, it’s always fun to support a small business (my husband has taught me the beauty in that!). All this to be said, there are more affordable options, like this Letter Board from Target ($29.99), that are super cute and a bit more friendly to the wallet. There are varying sizes no matter where you purchase, but I’ve linked in the 10 x 10 sizes, because they are great for a kitchen window, an office, a bathroom. They are a great size to pop in a space easily.

  2. Flamingo Salt & Pepper Shakers // Regularly $24.00, $9.99 on Sale + 25% Off. We all have our “thing,” you know, the thing you’re drawn to when shopping. Maybe it’s lamps, maybe it’s cute dish towels (can totally relate to this one). For me, one of mine is salt + pepper shakers. They’re just so darn cute. These Flamingo ones caught my eye, but I also love this festive Tree & Car set from Target ($7.99) as well as these little Gold Cupcake S + P shakers from Anthropologie ($22.00). These make a great gift because they can stand alone, and make a great, SMALL addition to a home.

  3. Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy House Plants // $35.00. If you’ve been following my gift guides thus far, y’all know I’m big on house plants as well as coffee table books. So, enter the marriage of the two in this adorable book. Remember: make coffee table books relative to your giftee so they aren’t stuck with a giant, heavy piece of decor. The one linked is through Urban Outfitters, but you can also find it on Amazon for $23.79 or at other retailers such as Target for $23.79 as well. Also, check for specials in the coming weeks, you may be able to find an even better deal. Check out my Gift Guide for Adult Kids to see my schpeel on house plants, as well as coffee table books. I mention coffee table books in just about every guide.

  4. Nickel + Suede Gold Leaf Leather Earrings // $25.00. My friend Ana introduced me to Nickel + Suede, and for that, I am v grateful. The woman who started this business is also a blogger (@OneLittleMomma on Instagram), so check her out. I love her earrings (They come in 3 sizes, but the Large size is my favorite), because they make a statement while still being LIGHTWEIGHT!!! Oh, they are wonderful. N + S has other products as well, but their earrings are their #1 product. There are tons of colors & patterns to choose from, so they make a great gift for a variety of women. I have these gold ones I have linked up, and I absolutely love them!

  5. Amped Fleece Throw Blanket // Regularly $49.00, Now $39.00. I really love throws, and I like them as a gift, because how often do you really purchase a throw for yourself? Most of mine I own have been gifted, so it takes away the decision of choosing one and I love remembering who gave them to me when I go to use them! The one I’ve linked through Urban Outfitters caught my eye because of the great reviews as well as variety of color options. I have two Coziest Throws from West Elm, and I looove them. The Solid Options (Regularly $39.00, Now $19.99) are great as well as some of their funkier options like Space Dyed (Regularly $39.00, Now $19.00). This Fuzzy Throw from Target ($14.99) is great as well and has several colors from which to choose.

  6. Madewell Flannel Bedtime Pajama Set in Leopard Dot // $75.00. Pajamas are always a cute idea, and I love that these are a shorts option, rather than pants. Pro Tip: Join Madewell Insiders (For free!) and always receive Free Monogramming as well as Free Shipping & Returns. Boom! Also, get 20% off your entire purchase at Madewell right now with code MERRYME. If you need a wallet-friendlier choice, I really love these Patterned Flannel Boxers from Old Navy ($14.99).

  7. Box of Style by Rachel Zoe // $99.99. Box of Style by Rachel Zoe is a Subscription Box advertised as over $400.00 worth of style and products for $99.99, delivered 4 times a year. Subscription Boxes aren’t totally my thing for regular life (Because #expensive), but I think they are super fun to receive or give as a one-time thing. This particular box has received tons of accolades in the world of subscription boxes, and Rachel Zoe is a huge icon of mine in the fashion world. I am a fan. If you don’t see this one as fitting your giftee, try another option like a Target Beauty Box (Starting at $7.00).

  8. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers // $89.00. Yes, $89.00 for slippers sounds daunting, but I’m a 5 year owner of these, and they. are. the. best. ever. of. all. time. ever. EVER. I do feel the need to warn that they do not have soles for outdoor wear, but I’ve definitely still done it. These are the comfiest slippers ever. They are not tight/conforming. They hold up. They are warm. They are magical. Buy them for you too, you won’t regret it.

  9. Cactus Bloom Throw Pillows // $28.00 - $40.00). Like the salt + pepper shakers above, I have a bit of a pillow problem. I purged a ton in our recent move (One of my best friends who is a teacher now has a pretty cute pillow collection in her classroom). I love these cactus ones, because of their unique shape. They make a great gift! If you don’t shop on UncommonGoods (Where these are from), get on that train. They have some of the coolest, unique gifts that stand out.

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