Valentine’s Day for the Planner, DIYer, Last Minuter

I love cards. I don’t know what it is, but I just love cards. I own a Greeting Card Organizer. If that isn’t a reflection of my dork nature, I’m not sure what is. I have been known to buy packs of cards and send them out for any kind of holiday, including things day. I’m not as good as I used to be about them because #life, but there was a time I was seriously on top of my game.

This is a post about Valentine’s Day, but this could be a post about any holiday, just take the tips and insert them into any time of year or season. Now I present you with some of my tips and tricks to be a card lover yourself...

For the Planner

(Although this post may be a little late for the planner) I give you my favorite cards available in stores and online this year:

If you’re the’ve had time to write, address, stamp, and get these babies in the mail to your gals or family. And possibly buy extras to go in your Greeting Card Organizer for next year (...not speaking from experience).

For the DIY-er

I bring you my 2018 Valentine’s selection - inspo from my friend Anne Walker who sent a similar card last year. Cost for all dis? $4.00. Check your Target “dollar” bin (We all know those $3 and $5 tags get us sometimes). The cards…$3, and the Glitter tube, $1. Write a cute little note, drop a little glitter, boom bam, the low maintenance DIY-er’s dream. And use a cute festive stamp.


For the Last Minuter/Go Greener

I give a nod to Paperless Post, one of my all time favorite avenues for card sending these days. It’s great for a casual invitation, a quick card, or of course, a last minute card! I use it often for Invites, because the tracking features and ability to send messages to guests are so, so convenient. I also love that you buy Coins and use them as payment (weird at first, awesome once used). You buy a certain amount and they stay in your account for you to use, and there are often times you can earn extra points as well.

Other ("honorable mentions") favorite card sources:

  • World Market for their unique selection
  • Trader Joe’s for always being 99 cents, and always changing inventory means never an accidental card repeat
  • Shutterfly for their amazing and frequent sales, as well as random opportunities to receive free cards in the mail in random quantities for signing up for something

XOXO - Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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