Friday Five || #3

Friday Five: Fictional Fashion Icons (Of Television & Movies)

This week on Friday Five, we're talking fictional fashion icons (of television & movies). While writing these, I noticed it was easier for me to choose from television than movies. When talking about entertainment, I like movies, but I lean towards shows. I think it has something to do with character development, something that isn't quite as present over the span of a movie. In this post are 5 ladies of television and movies I admire for both style and gumption.

So, here we go! Friday Five, Week 3...

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Elle Woods

Elle Woods of Legally Blonde, played by Reese Witherspoon. I mean, is there anyone more magical than Elle Woods? Let me just give you a small example of my obsession: more than one time in my marriage so far, when having a hard day, I've walked into our den and my husband Joel has put in my (very loved and worn) Legally Blonde DVD and has it playing for me. He's the best. And few things cheer me up or inspire me the way Elle Woods can. She's such a lady boss! She's EXACTLY who she is, unapologetically. She doesn't suppress who she is or her passions to please her peers. She surpasses stereotypes and proves style and success aren't mutually exclusive. If you need me on opening night of Legally Blonde 3, you can find me crying happy tears in the front row in my best pink outfit.

Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis of One Tree Hill, played by Sophia Bush. ALL HAIL B. DAVIS. Speaking of character development, Brooke Davis is one of my top examples of watching a character develop over the course of a show (others include Amber of Parenthood and Damon of Vampire Diaries). Why is she in my five fictional fashion icons? Brooke Davis wanted to change the world. She started a clothing line in high school called Clothes Over Bros. After starting off as a carefree girl who wasn't looking much past high school, she ended up being a grounded, entrepreneurial 20-something with a multi-million dollar company. Nobody thought she could do it (especially her family). But she did! All while being empathetic, loving, strong, and relatable.

Melanie Smooter (or...Carmichael)

Melanie Smooter/Carmichael of Sweet Home Alabama, played by Reese Witherspoon. Yup, Reese makes the list twice. Who's surprised? Not meee. I've always felt a weird connection to this movie, because she's a Southern girl who leaves for her passion and made her way back home. Regardless of this movie coming out in 2002, I think her styles in this movie are so timeless (Ok, minus the *teeny tiny* red bag she wears when she discovers Jake's glass factory - that one I can do without). The silhouettes and cuts were just everything, and seeing them in 2018, I still want to put them on and wear them. And of course, in real life Reese is making all my Southern dreams come true with her brand Draper James.

Amanda Woods

Amanda Woods of The Holiday, played by Cameron Diaz. Well, Cameron Diaz, just in a general life situation, is like fine wine. She's so beautiful! She wears clothes so well. She wears them in the way where you're like "need that NOW." So approachable and easy and effortless. I actually feel this way about most Cameron Diaz movies, but Amanda's wardrobe is extra amazing. She's an LA chick that house swaps for the holidays (with an all star cast in the movie with her). Her style almost reminds me of Meghan Markle. Simple, chic silhouettes that push the classic boundary just slightly. Lots of solids, lots of basic colors, always polished. Ughhhhh Amanda Woods gimme all your clothes.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh Carrie Bradshaw. OH SJP! I feel like this is the most obvious of my 5 in terms of fashion icon. Carrie truly became an icon in her role on SATC. And more so, SJP in real life with her shoe brand. Why is Carrie on here? Two quotes from Sex and the City pretty much sum it up: "Of course, I don't know about that because I keep sweaters in my stove," and "Should we get you a diamond? No. No. Just get me a really big closet."

So...what do you think? Do you also admire any of these characters? Why?

I would love any feedback y'all have!

Check back next week for the next Friday Five topic.