Friday 5 // Week 9 // Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Round 1

Welcome to the Friday 5! If you're here for the first time, WELCOME! If you're returning, THANK YOU! I hope you love it.

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So for technical "Week 8" we revisited Friday Five Week 1, because I love celebrating and talking about fellow women bloggers, and since it was the launch of the F5, it got missed a little. But we're back on track with Week 9!

New to the Friday Five and wondering what's up? Check out previous weeks, where we've talked fave BloggersDesignersFictional Fashion IconsDrugstore Beauty ProductsRoad-Tested Items in my Closet, & Bad 2000s Trends, and (Not So New Year's) Resolutions.


There's a looooot of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale content out there right now. I keep seeing a lot of the same stuff from bloggers. But there's so much on the #NSale! I feel like a lot of it is untapped, because it would take actually forever to get through all of it in one sitting. Hence, why bloggers curate it.

SO! The next few weeks on the Friday Five, I'm doing several things:

1. Bringing you the 5 Items on the Sale I already own and love

2. Bringing you 5 Items I'll (most likely??) be purchasing before the Sale is over.

3. 5 Beauty products and/or accessories on the Sale I love

4. 5 Items I WISH I could purchase on the Sale (a girl can dream, right?)

And so on...

So this week, let's talk 5 items on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I already own and LURVE. Three are staples, one is a splurge, and one is just for fun.

1. The Zella Live-In (High Waist) Leggings. Need I say more? I've written or posted about these probably 5 times since I started blogging, and the feelings are just as strong! This is the best price you'll find them on Sale pretty much ever, so if you've been waiting, GET THEM! Plenty of reviews to back up the goodness. I love the regular rise and some of their cropped options as well. Regular $54.00 - $35.90 on the Sale!

A few Hems + Heard shots with these babies on...

2. The Bandolier Jane Leather Crossbody Case. Okay this is my splurge item - I received it as a gift. It is everything. I am obsessed. Love love love. Love. It comes in several combos of either just the phone case, or the case and a small zipper pouch, etc. Lots of colors. I am SO thankful for this in my closet - I use it any time I'm out at night or somewhere where a large bag or regular sized purse is annoying. 100% recommend. Regular $166.00 - $123.90 on the Sale!

Have you spotted it in my recent Instagram posts?

3. The BP. Washed Moto Leggings. Guys! I love these! I've had a maroon pair since college that I bought randomly in Starkville (different brand), but I found these BP.'s this Spring in army green. I have been so pleased. They are stretchy and comfortable and trendy and wonderful and just the price you want to pay for such things. Regular $39.00 - $25.90 on the Sale!

They accompanied me in Los Angeles and Raleigh this Spring!

4. The Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra. This is a holla to my well endowed ladies. This is the only Sports Bra I will wear. I have a few cute ones from Target that unfortunately don't work for high impact anything - more just cute, comfy settings. THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE. Everything is tucked away, everything sits flat, no awkward, uncomfortable bounce. HUUUUAAAHHHH, it is magical. I have like...5 of these, that I've accumulated over the past several years. If you read nothing else in this post - if you have never been able to find the right Sports Bra - THIS. IS. IT. Regular $65.00 - $42.90 on the Sale!

5. The Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong. Yerp. Talk about these a lot. Mentioned these and the Zella leggings in my Road Tested + Most Loved Items in my Closet post. HP products will definitely go on sale, but finding the Low Rise or Original Rise Thongs on sale is fairly uncommon, because they are one of their most signature products. They are everything! Worth every penny. Regular $22.00 - $16.90 on the Sale! Some additional Savings on Bulk Buys.

Shop these 5 below on the #NordstromAnniversarySale!

This post contains affiliate links. Leave a comment or message me with any questions on this!

Do y'all love any of these products too? Like I said earlier, three of them are staples, one is a splurge, and one is just for fun. What do you think? Check back next week for the next round of #NSale picks.