Friday Five // #7

5 (Not So New Year's) Resolutions:

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These are pretty random, but I've been making some changes and disciplines lately based on certain things, a.k.a. adulting. So, if you will, indulge with me on this week's Friday Five!

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Let's gooooo - Friday Five, Week 7:

1. Start Taking Better Care of my Shoes/Boots

Examples: Prep suede and leather boots or shoes with conditioner, possibly grab some boot trees next time I'm at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, make an effort to clean them as soon as I notice a spot, etc. I'm somewhere between owning a few solid, higher end items and 5 billion pairs of Target shoes, but I treat them all like they are Target shoes, and I'm setting goals to start treating the nicer to the degree of niceness they are. TBA on results.

2. Start Taking Better Care of my Skin

Examples: Disciplining myself to always take my make up off, use toner and serum in the mornings and evenings. Always use SPF. That's pretty much it. A few Fridays ago, I talked about my fave drugstore beauty products - learn about my go-to serum there. But since turning 26, I've felt more convicted to take better care of my skin (about a decade late...). Nevertheless, I've been super pleased with the results so far. Below are a few of my fave routine items.

3. Take Vitamins

Honestly, this one is because I bought 3 huge bottles from CostCo and am determined to get my money's worth. I bought Fish Oil, Vitamin B, and Magnesium, based on recommendations from my doctor. TBA on the review of these guys; it's only been about 3 weeks since I started taking them daily. But I'm hoping to report back positively!

4. Transition Into More Comfortable Sandals/Shoe Beds

Examples: More supportive (But cute!) sandals and shoes, i.e. Dansko, Franco Sarto, Born, Clarks, etc.) for certain occasions, like trips, work, etc. Not always, because trendy, uncomfortable shoes literally call my name. I work in events, and uncomfortable shoes just do bad things after hours and days on end wearing them. Not even just work, the evenings and weekends! Long days in uncomfortable or just non-supportive shoes can take a toll, and I'm hoping a few alterations in my shoe buying methods can be preventative in this area. Below are a few cuties I found that fall under my vision for this.

5. Drink More Water 

This has been a discipline I've been partaking in for a while. I drink a glass of water (12 or so ounces) every morning right when I wake up. I drink at least a 32 oz Nalgene of water every day at the office, etc. Basic, but still worthy of discipline!

So...what do you think? Tell me what your 'resolutions' are!

Check back next week for the next Friday Five topic.