Friday 5 // Week #13 // Things I'll Be Wearing This Fall

Summer is my favorite, and I'm mourning it's looming end - but Fall is my SECOND favorite, so no time to waste...this week on the Friday Five, we're talking the 5 items I'll be wearing this Fall and beyond.

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1. MUUUUUULES. You've probably seen me wearing my only pair of mules, like all the time. I feel I should invest in a high quality pair, but I can't quit with Target's selection! They are a great alternative to booties, which have been my go-to for several years. I'm excited to snag a few of the pairs below for Fall. Here's some I am eyeing H E A V I L Y...


2. Tall Boots and/or Slouchy Boots. I couldn't decide on this one, but I love swapping my booties for taller options in the Fall/Winter months. Oversized sweaters + skinny jeans or leggings + tall boots. 

3. Bandanas. Yerp. I'm late to the party, but I made it. Regardless of their relevance at any time in life or trend, I've always loved turtlenecks, because I think they really flatter the face by framing it and drawing attention to it. I feel that same way about high-neck pieces, and I love them. Bandanas make me feel the same way, and they are just so stinkin' cute! Below are some I think are fantastic...

4. More Denim. I'm so bad about making leggings pants...and it's not going to stop. But, this fall I'm planning to stock up on some fresh denim in my closet and keep the leggings in their own lane of casual. I love Gap denim, because I feel like it is always a good, classic fit, and it holds it's shape/stretch really well for a long time. I will also be checking out Nordstrom Rack's selection of designer denim, specifically their Paige selection.

5. Rich solids. Orange. Mustard yellow. Red. Who's with me?! All about the fall colors in sweaters and scarves. P.S. For the Free People items below- they are 50% off for a limited time for all their Fall Favorites!


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What are y'all going to be wearing this Fall? Tell me!