A Very Maroon Friday Five

It's that time of year! My first couple of falls in Colorado were tough on Saturdays. I remember streaming (or just refreshing Google) on my iPad or phone when I worked at the Ranch. We didn't have TV and had limited internet access, so we would often record games and watch them on Saturday or Sunday evenings. I cannot explain the FOMO that ensued as I watched my people on social media back in Starkville our first few seasons post-grad. I went back for a game in 2015, and I made it a 2018 goal to get back to Starkville for a game. So here we are at the Mississippi State - Florida Game Weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited.

You know how it seems like when you're looking for something specific, but can never find it? There’s some stores out there that often have a loot of maroon: Nordstrom, H&M, Forever 21. Short cut to finding it on the site? Try typing keywords like 'maroon' or 'burgundy' or 'wine.’ It'll shortcut you right to the nitty gritty.

The Friday 5.png

So let’s get to it!

Here are F I V E looks I love for game day. . .


When I was in college, dresses were king, especially on game days. I love that jeans, shorts, jumpsuits (though not...totally functional for such occasions), and other alternatives have made their place in the game day lineup. I have always loved a high-waist moment, because I think it can be really flattering. I love a good wash jean, tucked top (preferably maroon), fun accessories, and a stand out shoe. Grab my necklace! And mules!


Mini skirts are having a major moment, and I love it! Throw on a cute mini of your fave school's colors, put on a top and some boots (or wedges! or sandals!), and you’re good to go. This cutie striped, mock-neck top is just $10! Grab it here.

G R A P H I C + E A S Y T E E S

I love looks that involve graphic tees or just basic tees. They fit the game day vibe the best: casual and easy! Throw one on with jeans, or your fave colored pants, and it’s an instant outfit. So comfortable and fitting for the occasion!


I am REEEEEALLY into the western vibes that are around this fall. I love boots, prairie dresses, the patterns…it’s my fave! Put on a pair of cowboy boots with your outfit…buy the peasant top…enjoy it while it’s back, ladies. Grab my $50 chiffon dress here!


I didn’t really know where to go with this one. I just think about when you see someone and think “THAT’S an outfit.” Wear something that makes you feel fabulous and stand out in a crowd, or makes you feel like ‘YUP…Nailed it.’ This fun striped top with adorable sleeves makes me feel that way! Grab my striped top here! And my gold shoes!

Allllll the Looks Should Involve a Few Things: 

  • HANDS FREE! So you can carry around your beer, and hug your friends. But check your stadium’s policy on bags, cause you may need a tiny one! Or clear one! As always, I’m obsessed with my Bandolier crossbody. If you go to a lot of sporting events or concerts, this Kelly Wynne crossbody is fabulous.

  • LAYERS! You never know what the weather's going to do. Plan for rain. And a temperature drop.

  • E A S E. Not always my go to, but seriously, dress for convenience - ahem, restrooms, sweating, long hours in the same outfit. Just...give it an extra thought before walking out of the house.

Other Game Day Tricks:

  • Take a larger bag and stash it under the table at your home base tailgate. Put alllll the things in it: sunscreen, deodorant, rain jacket, make up for touch ups, hairbrush, etc.

  • Take an empty water bottle (Think like an airplane).

  • Take an extra wireless charge for your phone - because nothing SUCKS your battery like a football game or concert venue.

  • And, similar to my event tips in my 2018 Weddin’ Guestin’ Recap, alllllways put that Low Battery Mode on. But maybe steer from the Do Not Disturb mode, in case anyone tries to reach ya.

    Let’s Wrap This in Maroon + White With A Little Round Up:

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So, which of these 5 looks is your fave? What are your go-to game day looks? Tell me! Happy Friday, and go dawgs y’all!